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How to take your wig from gross to great!

  This isn’t a new method at all, but instead my results using this tutorial.   While the before shot is pretty terrible photo quality to begin with, you can see the wig is basically a ratty, gross-looking mess.     Find a tank or bucket and empty a capful of fabric softener into it (more softener if your wig is longer).     Add enough water to submerge the wig, and...

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Colourful wig shop at Victoria market Melbourne Australia

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A walk through Vic Market by Stephen Coppinger

  I recently visited Melbourne again and had a chance to walk through the Victoria market with Peter Gordon’s delightful niece and her husband (not to forget the children). I took a few photographs as we went through and took them home to play with them, using Topaz to see if I could make the everyday objects in the market seem new and fresh. Let me know what you think....

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Wig market by Adrian Malec

Taken at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. Ektar100 is colour balanced for direct sunlight... I love what it does in overcast conditions though. SilverFast sucks wallaby balls. The company only holds disdain for their customers. Switched to VueScan.   by Adrian Malec  Taken on July 6, 2012

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