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Hair Extensions

Expert Human and Tape Hair Extensions in Melbourne

Get your hands on a glamorous new hairdo with fabulous hair extensions in Melbourne from Hello Wigs. At Hello Wigs we don’t like to wait for anything – and we know you don’t either. That’s why we deliver our synthetic and human hair extensions within days. In just a few clicks and a few days you can be showing off flowing locks of natural-looking hair. They look so natural that nobody will know that you didn’t grow them yourself!


Whether you’re shopping for clip-in, micro link or tape hair extensions in Melbourne, there’s a couple of things you should keep in mind. First you need to decide whether you want human hair or synthetic hair; there are positives and negatives to both. While human hair extensions can be heat styled and are generally softer, they don’t do well in humid environments – just like real hair. Synthetic hair extensions can’t be colour treated or heat styled, but they’re perfect for humid conditions and your bank balance.

If you want to let your locks down like Rapunzel or create the ‘Rachel from Friends’ hairstyle, shop online from Hello Wigs and receive your tresses in just a few days!
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